About Graduate Engineering Association

The Graduate Engineering Association or GEA acts as "the voice of graduate students" in the School of Engineering and represents engineering across campus. Student membership to GEA is divided into two categories: Graduate Engineering Ambassador and Graduate Member. All currently enrolled graduate students are considered members of GEA. Ambassadors are selected each year for a fellowship (applications open in March) to provide leadership within the organization through committees and recruitment support for both the school and departments/programs within engineering. They are an elite group of engineering leaders who work closely with administrators in the school to identify resources and strengthen our recruitment and retention efforts at KU. The organization further provides professional development, research/outreach, and travel opportunities for all graduate students in the school. 

Mental Health Committee

Promotes mental health support and resources to students. Dedicated to build a stronger community.

Public Relations and Marketing Committee

Creates media content to highlight students’ research and achievements.

Research, Outreach, and Professional Development Committee

Offers a platform to showcase research projects and serve the community. Plans career-building workshops (academia and industry).

Travel Committee

Funds students’ travel and registration required for conferences. GEA Travel Funding applications are now open.